Focus Holds The Power To Your Rich, Abundant Life

We have said many times that whatever you focus on is what you get in this life. If you focus on what you think is happening to you… struggle, pain, loss…then that’s what you get more of.

If you focus on what you want… success, happiness, joy, riches… then that’s what you get to enjoy.

The reason this is true is because whatever observation your brain makes is literally having a powerful and dramatic effect upon every cell in your body.

The receptive intelligence of our mind is actually the most important link in creating the rich and abundant life you so desperately desire. And deserve!

The Theater Of The Mind is a series of three incredible programs each designed to unmask the veil of secrecy surrounding the amazing power of your mind.

The Secrets Tom, Penelope and Dave reveal in this powerful series may very well be the key you need to open wide the doors of endless abundance, success and happiness.

Penelope and Tom Pauley
Who is Dave Edman?
Dave Edman

Dave Edman is our own Spiritual Life Consultant.

He actually holds a BA in history. He has done post graduate work in Human Relations, Psychology, and Theology.

Dave practiced as a clinical hypnotherapist for 18 years in both holistic health and medical centers. He also toured for several years teaching both in the US and abroad.

His most recent studies have been in the mind, body, spirit connection.

Dave Edman is a wealth of information. It is never, ever, ever boring with him around. He is always reaching out for the newest ideas for expanding and empowering your mind.

Dave is undoubtedly the most intellectually stimulating and yet, warmly personal man I have ever known.

Six Hours of Amazingly Powerful Information

A sample of the topics discussed in Theater of the Mind.

The life-changing power of your own imagination

The holographic nature of the mind
The reticular activating mechanism

The effectiveness of simply imaging success

The importance of Hopi rain dancing and thorny rosebushes
The power of sun-gazing
The immediate & permanent effects of hypnotic suggestion
Akhenaten and the power of dreams 1400 years B.M.E.
Reverse speech
Subliminal advertising
Why imaging success works so powerfully for you
Dave Edman

The Shocking Translation That Changed My Life Forever

And undoubtedly, one of the most popular and amazing subjects we ever tackled here at Rich Dreams – the original Aramaic translation of the Christian, Lord’s Prayer.

This translation may change your life. I know it did mine. This translation is so pure and rich. It cuts through centuries of confusion and gives us a clear and precise understanding of the amazing and only prayer Christ gave the world.

This translation may change your life.

It absolutely demonstrates the power and Universality of the spiritual reality.  And how that affects your life every minute of every day. Regardless of what you believe or what religion you belong to you will love this translation.

Alex’s Special Bonus
Dave Edman

In fact, it was so eye opening for my son, Alex Pauley, that he recorded a two hour question and answer session with Dave.  It was so enlightening we decided to offer it as bonus with the Theater of the Mind series.

And the funny part is they only got through ten minutes of the first of the three Theater of the Mind programs!
Power Up Your Abundance Factory

A Theatre of the Mind is 6 hours of hands-on training guaranteed to open your mind to infinite possibility beyond the normal experience. 

You will never have all that you want while you are still focused on everything you don’t have. 

The way to truly have everything you want is by focusing on what you want.

A Theater of the Mind shows you exactly how to change loss into gain, sadness into hope, hate into love and poverty into wealth. 

Inside A Theater of the Mind:

Dave Edman
Learn the Historical significance of prayer
Find the scientific support on the absolute power of your focus
Understand the mystical nature of our words today and what meaning is trapped inside everything you say
Specific exercises and techniques to focus your focus
Learn the powerful and mystical language of images
Find out why the most popular prayer on earth has been translated incorrectly for centuries
Tap into the power of the ancient mystics and bring anything you want into your life
Discover why your mind doesn’t know the difference between the truth and illusion
How to trick your mind into becoming rich
How to quickly and effectively think like an Expert in any field
Advanced techniques of imaging only touched on by some of the greatest athletes of our age
How the words you choose effect your wallet
How the feelings you have effect your bottom line
How your mind can deliver amazing success instantly
How to bankroll your success on a single thought
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This is a Special Limited Introductory Offer and this price will not last long. We know how powerful and impacting this show is and we want you to have a chance to make this incredible process part of your life.

We get more questions about “how to visualize” than any other subject except tithing. Well, here is the answer.

Seriously in preparation of writing this page I listened to all 3 shows again. Twenty minutes into the first show I discovered something that improved both my marriage and my life. It was wonderful.

I really wouldn’t hesitate if I were you. We’ve never sold six hours of audio for this low a price ever before.  And it just won’t last long. In fact, we reserve the right to change that price without notice at any time.

Dave Edman
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And as a final bonus (since you’re going to be asking for it anyway) we’re going to give you a digital copy of the Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer so you can pass it on to friends and family.

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Good Luck and Happy Imaging

- Tom & Penelope

P.S. The reason we took so long in making this available to you is that we lost track of these shows after a computer crash. They only recently surfaced so we can now offer them.  

We also lost all the testimonials from back then. So we’ll give our own. We think of Dave as our own private spiritual councilor and guide. Not only is he brilliant and well-read, but he embodies a spiritual nature that reaches deeply and sincerely into both your heart and mind.

Personal Testimonial...

Since I first met Dave Edman my life has changed about a quarter turn to the left.  And that’s a good thing.  The man is not only brilliant but he walks down paths and gathers information that will fill your mind with power and wonder.

Getting ready to offer this program I personally listened to only 20 minutes of the very first Theater program before I came across an idea that changed my life. I mean that. One idea I gained opened a door for my wife and me that makes me smile and cheer just to think about it. Of course, it’s personal and I’m not about to disclose the details. You’ll just have to get your own benefit you don’t tell me about.

Tom Pauley